Palm Sunday Weekend 2015

Lots of things going on this weekend! This Sunday, Palm Sunday, begins Holy Week.
Saturday, March 28:
Chicken BBQ to benefit Relay For Life – sign up sheet is on the bulletin board.
6:00 pm – Carry-In Meal, Homemade Pizza Contest, & Free Movie – “Son of God”!
Sunday, March 29:
9:15 am – Bring a Friend Breakfast. Invite a Friend for donuts, pastries and fruit.
11:00 am – Morning Worship: “Invitations: So, what are you doing tonight?” From Matthew 22:1-14.
What kind of invitation gets your attention? Flashing ads on a webpage? A note from a friend?
How about the many invitations of our Lord…? How much attention so we give to the One
who gave all His attention to us that Day on the cross, and from the empty tomb??
6:00 pm – Love Feast and Holy Communion