Mother’s Faith Legacy

Over the last couple months, I have been compiling the many writings of both of my parents. My mother was the editor of our monthly church newsletter and would write a short editorial, which were often spiritual reflections from her life journey. Both she and my father wrote their faith testimonies and life stories. Fortunately, most of these were typed, and fortunately Bob was able to retrieve them from the floppy discs of the 1990’s! I plan to print copies for myself and my three siblings, and provide the files for us to pass on to our children and grandchildren. I am so thankful we have these stories to preserve and share.

My mother was a gifted writer and a woman of strong faith in Jesus Christ. Her reflections during the years of fighting cancer were as rich as the psalmists; fear, anger, weariness, crying out to God, faith, trust, hope and joy. I found the following poem which she had written on a scrap of paper, clearly working out the rhythm and rhyme as she scratched out phrases and words to substitute ones which were a better fit. There was no date on the paper. Mom died in June 2001. I am sharing her poem today to honor her faith legacy.

I’m praying for you,

Pastor Deb

God forgave me—oh! How great!

Saved me ‘ere it was too late.

His Spirit guides and sometimes hides me

From an awful fate.

Sometimes the love of God above

Seems not to reach me here.

But when I fall, on Him I call,

And then I feel Him near.

The love of God, means more to me,

Then I can ever tell.

He loves me, keeps me, thrills me, fills me,

Like a flowing well.

I cannot speak as well as some,

But this I pledge to do;

To speak to others that I meet

Just as I spoke to you.

Ann Miller