You blessed me richly this past Sunday! Your words, hugs, cards, gifts, and delicious food all filled Bob and I up with thankfulness. You are a precious bunch and we are thankful to be among you!

On my drive home that day, I reflected on all the pastors who have been part of my spiritual formation, from childhood until now, in meaningful ways: Herman, Wayne, Vince, Randy, Jayne, Eldon, Tom, Craig, Dawn, Mattie Marie, Aldine, George, Art, Jason, Hazel, Owen, & Jan. Herman is the first pastor in my memory, and was also present to lay hands on me at my licensing for ministry in Ohio Mennonite Conference; that was quite significant to me!

I am thankful to God for each one of these servants and stewards who at various times spoke words of truth, hope, encouragement, and instruction to me; they have helped shaped my faith and modeled committed and humble leadership in God’s kingdom and as a shepherd for His people.

It is good to reflect on your faith journey; who are the pastor’s who helped teach and form you? Thank God for each one; and if you still know where they live, send them a card, too!

Your prayers for me are what “holds up my hands” Exodus 17:10-16.

I’m praying for you,

Pastor Deb