This Sunday evening, October 1, we will gather for the service of Love Feast, Communion and Footwashing.

"In an act of great love, Jesus gave his life for ours. As Jesus’ followers, we love God and each other—and take that love into the world. When we gather for love feast and communion, we celebrate what the earliest Christians called agape: the outflowing love that seeks not to receive but to give.

Jesus taught us this practice, sharing with his disciples a last, loving meal the night before he died. He washed the disciples’ feet, ate supper with them, sought to draw them closer into the fold of his love, and offered them the symbolic bread and cup.

During love feast, we repeat these simple, meaningful acts. After reconciling any discord among ourselves, we enjoy a meal together, lovingly wash each other’s feet, then quietly share communion, the bread and the cup that remind us of Jesus’ great gift; we renew our commitment to follow his example of sacrificial love. When we leave the feast, we are reunited in our dedication to Christ and to each other. We remember that as followers of Jesus, we can help distribute God’s blessing to others—through steady, loving service, symbolically washing the feet of the world."              Condensed from

“Examine yourselves, and only then eat of the bread and drink of the cup.” Apostle Paul, 1 Corinthians 11:28.

The Deacons prepared a helpful card for us to use this week in preparation for Love Feast, which has the following three questions:

-Are you still in the faith as you declared at your baptism?

-Are you, as far as you know, in peace and union with the church?

-Will you still labor with the Brethren for an increase of holiness both in yourself and others?

I encourage you to spend time this week preparing for Love Feast. Self-reflection involves allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal to you where you need to realign yourself with God’s will, repent for ways you may have gone astray, and ask for and receive God’s forgiveness. When we confess in the light of God’s love, God hears and offers us abundant grace and mercy.

I and the Deacons are available prior to this holy service to answer any questions or to pray with you.

I’m praying for you,

Pastor Deb