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In 2019, I was serving a 3-year term as the Assistant Moderator of Virginia Mennonite Conference (VMC). I was given the opportunity to represent the conference at the annual business meeting of the Jamaica Mennonite Church (JMC) in Kingston, Jamaica. JMC was begun in 1955 as a result of the efforts of mission workers, and continues close relationship with VMC to this day.

Bob and I, and our two friends who have years of mission & service experience in Jamaica and who were our tour guides, planned a two week vacation. For three days I attended the JMC meetings while our friends gave Bob a tour of Kingston. The rest of our time we traveled all over the island visiting our friend’s friends, and many of the thirteen churches, some of which are in quite remote locations. It was a wonderful experience!

The last day of the conference was a worship service for all of the churches at Campion College in Kingston, with approximately 200 people attending. The morning service was filled with lively preaching and singing. Lunch was provided and was delicious. The afternoon meeting was full of “Group Items” which were provided by musical groups from individual churches. The music and dancing were just wonderful! One of my favorite songs was “Cover Me,” presented by Joyland Mennonite Church from Good Hope, St Elizabeth. Thanks to Facebook Memories, the video I took popped up and reminded me of their song! (I will post the video in the comments). The words are:

Cover me, cover me, cover me under Your blood. He’s all over me and He’s keeping me alive.

I’ve got somebody with me to share my heavy load; I feel His presence near me every day. When trouble overtakes me along my weary road. I’ve got somebody with me all the way.

Don’t try to tell me that God is dead, He woke me up this morning. Don’t try to tell me that God is dead, He lives within my soul. He opened up my blinded eyes and sent me on my way. Don’t try to tell me that God is dead, I talked to him today.

It is all right, all right. It is all right, all right.
As long as I've got my Lord beside me, it's all right.
As long as I've got his hand to hold, long as he's watching' over my soul
As long as I'm under his control, it is all right.

I hope that this music brings you great joy today as your remember that God covers you, and not matter what is going on in your life, everything will be all right because God is in control!

I'm praying for you,

Pastor Deb